Why FRITSCH laboratory instruments are the best for processing cannabis

Extra fine particle sizes
for efficient extraction of active ingredients

Reproducible results
for consistent product quality

Gentle handling
minimizes loss of active ingredients

Easily adaptable
to any extraction process

Cleaning without risk of contamination
is quick and easy

for industrial production

Powerful analysis of active ingredients and quality control at the touch of a button: FRITSCH Knife Mill P-11

Your high-quality FRITSCH laboratory mixer to prepare small quantities of blossoms, to be used for measuring the THC content or to analyze cannabinoids and terpenes. The extra strong motor with turbo button can grind down to a final fineness of 300 μm – even for all different shapes of cannabis plants and THC/CBD products. Particularly challenging samples such as gummis or chocolate can be processed directly in liquid nitrogen. And special single-used containers ensure that there is no risk of contamination.

Formula 1 meets super cool: FRITSCH rotor and cutting mill P-14 for tea and pills

Two in one: If you are using cannabis or other leaves and plant parts to produce small quantities of medicinal tea or pre-rolls, the P-14 cutting mill is the perfect choice. With a speed of 18,000 rpm, it delivers the cut you need for good quality in the shortest possible time. Particularly good cooling protects the active ingredients and enables multiple grinding processes without having to cool down the instrument in between runs. When the impact motor is used, a speed of 24,000 rpm enables a final fineness up to 40 μm, which is essential to the production of pills. The perfect mill for every pharmacy!

Up to 85l/h throughput for pre-rolls and mechanical extraction of active ingredients: FRITSCH Cutting Mill P-19

The P-19 and P-19 Large are our workhorses when it comes to processing medium and vast quantities of cannabis plants. They create the perfect 4 mm diameter for pre-rolls. This is best achieved with our patented Dragon rotor, with four straight, notched cutting edges. It increases air flow and aids in the instrument’s continuous throughput. Combining the best sieve size and the speed achieves greatest efficiency when extracting active ingredients – just ask us! The stainless steel model 316L is designed specifically for food and pharmaceutical sectors.

For small quantities of pre-rolls and active ingredients: FRITSCH Cutting Mill P-29

The cutting mill is the P-19's little brother - a compact tabletop instrument used to produce smaller quantities of pre-rolls and active ingredients. The extra powerful rotor, with four cutting edges and fixed knives, enables up to 48,000 cutting processes per minute, with virtually no loss of moisture. This means that final fineness between 0.25 and 6 mm can be achieved with brief milling times. The grinding vessel can be filled and emptied using only one hand. The Clean Design feature makes cleaning quick and simple.

Anything works with FRITSCH when it comes to cannabis!

Take a look at the variety of FRITSCH instruments for the most diverse applications in your cannabis processing. And then get in touch with us.

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Quick separation by particle size: FRITSCH sieving machines

FRITSCH has the right solution for all of your sieving tasks related to cannabis processing. Dry and wet sieving from 20 g up to 15 kg, easy to operate, reliable and long-lasting. Quickly create the precise fractions needed for further processing of cannabis to tea, pre-rolls or cookies, or to perform various analytical tasks. Special highlight: Our sieving machines can be used for qualitative assessment of your grinding results as well. Or use the special mortar attachment and a cryo box to convert the machine to the only true cryo mill for communition of your cannabis samples under nitrogen.

We know all about cannabis

Our applications laboratory is the heart of FRITSCH. We examine the tasks that you deal with every day. We work through different configurations of the instruments until the best results can be shared with you. Read two of our application reports on processing cannabis here. And then ask us more questions.

Benefit from our knowledge!

What makes us different is the depth and range of the know-how coming from the FRITSCH laboratory. We work with the same instruments on the same problems that you face every day. Which means we can supply the equipment as well as the best solutions and parameters for processing cannabis. Even after purchasing the equipment, we remain your collaborative partner every day. Ask our experts on site!

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Quality-test your cannabis grinding!

Tell us your objective. We will bring our instrument to your laboratory, determine the optimum grinding parameters and impress you with outstanding results. You can also visit one of our regional experts at their facility. Either way, it results in a detailed grinding protocol.

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